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  • Did you know that North Carolina workers have no right to sick leave under state or federal law?
  • Did you know that no state or federal law in North Carolina guarantees wage replacement after the birth of a child or when long-term illness strikes?
  • Did you know that no legislation in the state specifically addresses discrimination against caregivers?

No one should have to choose between health and a paycheck or family responsibilities and a job. The great majority of families with children in North Carolina have all parents in the labor force and nearly three out of four North Carolinian caregivers work at a paying job. It’s clear that many of North Carolina’s workers have family responsibilities, but few protections exist to address the ubiquitous life events and caregiving responsibilities of working families.

The recession has increased the need for workplace policies that promote family economic security. Paid sick days, family leave insurance, workplace flexibility, and protection again caregiver discrimination, as part of a holistic work-family policy agenda, improve public health, support family economic security, and make good business sense in an uncertain economy.

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Paid Sick Days
In North Carolina, nearly half of the state’s private workforce lack paid sick days.  Currently, there is no federal or state law that ensures that workers can earn paid sick days.

Family Leave Insurance
In the South Atlantic region, only 11 percent of private-sector workers have access to paid leave. Eligible workers can take unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), but currently no state legislation guarantees paid leave.

Workplace Flexibility
Doctors’ appointments are often only scheduled within traditional work hours and child care schedules may not overlap completely with work schedules. Without flexible work schedules, workers may be unable to meet all of their obligations and increase their unplanned absences from work.

Protection from Family Responsibilities Discrimination (FRD)
While a patchwork of federal employment law, state leave and anti-discrimination laws provide some protection, there is no state legislation in North Carolina specifically addressing discrimination against caregivers.

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