NC Families Care Updates

Were you at the Moral March in Raleigh? Photos are here.

Check out the photos from our 20th Anniversary celebration of the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in Raleigh! Thanks to all who joined us!

North Carolina workers need paid leave. Listen to personal stories from our state.

NC Families Care Steering Committee member Jeannine Sato featured on an NPR story about the FMLA!

February 5th is the 20th Anniversary of the FMLA. Check out our factsheet: The Family and Medical Leave Act: 20 Years Later.

Know Your Rights trainings across the state-We’ve been traveling around the state to present Know Your Rights’ trainings for workers.  We’ve been from the mountains to the sea building support for family-friendly workplace policies.  Want us to come to you?  Contact us by email.

Tell us your stories: We’re collecting stories from people across the state about their experiences juggling caregiving and work.  Share your experience—good, bad, or ugly.

Check out our comprehensive work-family report -want to read a blueprint for making North Carolina’s 20th Century workplace policies match our 21st Century workforce?  Then check out our vision-setting report here.

Building a North Carolina where workers, families, and businesses thrive

Many North Carolina business owners recognize that all workers will, at some point, need time to care for themselves or a family member. However, almost half of our private-sector work force does not have access to earned paid sick days and even fewer can take longer-term paid leave to address a serious health condition or welcome a new child.

Research has shown that paid leave policies, such as earned paid sick days and family and medical leave insurance, benefit businesses’ bottom line through reduced turnover costs and increased productivity. And paid leave policies can help level the playing field for small businesses who often have trouble matching the more generous leave policies of larger employers.

A broad coalition of organizations has come together to form the NC Families Care Campaign, which is pushing for policy solutions such as paid sick days and expansions to the Family Medical Leave Act.  But we need your help.

We can’t do it alone. Join the NC Families Care Campaign today!
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